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Where would we be without entrepreneurs? It would be a grey and boring world if the big corporations were the only ones allowed to have fun creating stuff, building up slow and safe investment portfolios and running things, and change would be very slow indeed; just about every innovation and step forward our humanity has ever taken has been the result of one lone man indulging in alternative investments (or woman, but let’s face it, it’s usually been a man), one man thinking outside the box, developing a new idea, and then going out and actually doing it. He’s usually shown great resilience, courage, conviction and tenacity, as well as large dollops of blindness and stupidity in making some crazy investments, to ensure that he sees his plan through to the bitter end. Some have ended up with all the fame and plaudits and financial success that they deserve, while others have ended up with egg all over their faces. We celebrate them all. And we love crazy investments, alternative investments, and alternative investment portfolios. NB If you know of any stories of crazy investments and people who have ‘interesting’ investment portfolios who are worthy of featuring on this list, please send your suggestions in to us.

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