Legendary investor Warren Buffet wants you to be as successful as he is, and he’s willing to tell you how to do it.

His nine tips for personal greatness are:

  • Invest in yourself before anything else
  • Change bad habits as soon as you can
  • Know your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Never risk something you need in order to get something you don’t need
  • Find work you love doing
  • Surround yourself with people you admire
  • Face down your fears
  • Your time is a precious resource, so use it accordingly
  • Never ignore a great opportunity

Here’s some examples of SME’s to help inspire you.


Beverley Morgan believes in Buffet’s motto “Find work you love.” She started her home-based business, Kitz 4-U Inc. in Hamilton, Ontario, by selling “First Aid Kits” to various fundraising organizations. These are specialized all-in-one kits that are designed for specific occasions, like “Everything You Need in a Pinch” kit, the “Bowling Kit,” the “Golf Kit,” and the “Travel Kit.”

Helping organizations successfully raise funds gives Beverley a lot of satisfaction. For instance, a small nursery school in London, Ontario, asked Beverley if she could organize a fundraising event for them using her First Aid Kits. The group was hoping to raise $1,500 for new playground equipment for the children, but, thanks to the help of Kitz 4-U Inc., they were able to raise $8,000 in a two-week campaign.

The kits also serve as unique gifts and promotional items. “Companies have purchased products by the case,” Beverley says, “to give away as thank you’s to clients, or appreciation gifts to staff.”


Meanwhile, Aegis Asia Pte Ltd., operating out of Singapore, appears to embrace the “Face down your fears” advice as the company provides a broad range of services associated with the control of indoor environmental quality – with particular emphasis on the diagnosis, bio decontamination, control and management of microbial contaminants.

Their services eliminate the risk of microbial infections caused by human health problems or bio-contamination by controlling the growth of the contaminants. Aegis Asia’s vast experience, track record and diverse expertise, has given them the advantage of becoming a “one-stop-shop” environmental services center, and, as the market leader in environmental source control and eradication, Aegis Asia has gained an edge in providing solutions and technologies where other companies have yet to venture.


Repurpose Schoolbags is a South African social enterprise that was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Thato Kgathanye and Rea Ngwane. The idea: to create up-cycled, and therefore environmentally friendly, schoolbags that are made from used plastic shopping bags.

But what really makes their bags different is that they come with built-in solar charging so that, come night time, the bag transforms into a desk lamp, thereby allowing school children to study at night, making it an invaluable tool, especially for poor households where electricity is scarce.

Beginning with a pilot run of 1,000 bags in 2014, the fledgling company geared up to produce 10,000 bags for 2015, with big clients already interested in making bulk purchases, and each bag being priced at Rand250, or roughly US$20.


iMoney is a starting enterprise that promises to change the way Malaysians shop for financial services. The idea is that if you are looking for a loan, or a credit card, or any other financial service, iMoney will be your one-stop-shop expert that can guide you towards the best rates and terms. It’s free to use, and we can only presume that its monetization comes from fees that financial institutions will be charged in order to be featured on the site.


In Peru, some 65,000 families are engaged in the farming of cereals, with over 60% of them still doing everything manually, back-breaking work and highly inefficient. Enter Magrini, a small manufacturer of affordable machinery for everything from harvesting of grains to seeding and shredding. With the vision of eventually eliminating the inefficiencies that are often seen in how the poor struggle to raise their crops, the company hopes to eventually raise the incomes and quality of life for these thousands of families through the use of more efficient farming tools. Thus far, through the help of venture capital assistance, the company has already helped over 5,000 families throughout Peru.


Be inspired.