Relocating to the tropics & retiring to paradise…

A cobweb of choices crosses the path of the person relocating to another country and the road to living and retiring in paradise is a complex one! Pitfalls and complications crop up everywhere, which why most people simply roll over and stay where they are – it is the easiest choice.

However, the 21st century is witnessing a massive increase in the numbers of people from the West, who have reached the classic period of their so called ‘retirement years’. Commonly known as the “baby boomers”, since they were all born out of the peaceful years with the ending of the 2nd World War, an increasing percentage of this group stand out above the rest since they are willing and able to embrace a new lifestyle in a fresh location. Globalization has given them the means to look beyond their known horizons, to consider a new life and in a new country, with renewed vitality.

Many move with pure retirement in mind, while others bring with them a business idea to help keep them ‘ticking over’ and to nurture the ‘grey matter’ of their mind set.

To retire might well be to simply just withdraw from a focus on work, but to relocate to paradise is to focus on life and living. It may be a small step for mankind, but is a giant step for an individual! The retiree is stepping into a brave new world. Retirement with a new location in many ways will be a kind of re-birthing experience.

Some of the hurdles involve a lot of bureaucracy. These include the need for Residency Permits, access to proper and professional local and offshore Financial Services, definitely Real Estate Services, as well as ground work on Medical facilities available and associated information. It is very useful to gain a network of local and foreign contacts for access to all sorts of useful information about how things work and where to find this, that and the other, and to generally slip into an understanding of the new culture. Each country looks at things in a different way, and the new resident will need to gain an understanding of the local ways.

Once resettled, the retiree will be keen to key in to ways of slipping in to a fresh lifestyle, and secure links and internet access to get a broad picture of resorts and travel destinations throughout the new country. A golf course might be on the agenda, or scuba diving for those still fit as a fiddle, or other recreational activities to suit the spirit and the soul of the new resident.

Take a warm tropical climate, a friendly local population, the paradise of a quiet home, with access to all one’s needs close at hand, and a mixed international expatriate band of brothers and sisters, and you have a winning formula. You will be in danger of a long bout of global living far from the madding crowds of a working life.

The working man should start dreaming early, and stash up that cash ready for that time of financial independence. Choose your country, and wait for the retirement cheques to cruise in on a regular basis. It’s a tough call when deciding where to retire, but it isn’t bad once you’ve sorted out the whole jigsaw, and can then chill out and focus on living life to the full in Paradise.

(Part 2 will focus on the best retirement investment choices)